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For too long, policymakers have engaged children in a grand experiment that promised much but delivered little.

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Why False Compromises Won’t Resolve The Education Debate

Legend has, political disputes are supposed to be resolvable only when parties “meet in the middle” and shake hands on points of agreement that are possible. But in the much-contested issue of “education reform,” only one […]

Feb 11,2014

Hey Congress, Show Us The Money For Pre-K

If our nation’s leaders made policy decisions on actual evidence, this matter would have been addressed a long time ago. This “matter” is the increasingly desperate state of the nation’s youngest children and the callousness in […]

Feb 4,2014

What Could Be Wrong With ‘School Choice’?

Everyone loves “choice,” right? In a country where in a single year there are more than 100 new choices for what to use to brush your teeth, it stands to reason that maximizing “choice” might be […]

Jan 28,2014

Why Common Core Advocates Should Let Teachers Lead It

Now that ed-heads have had a chance to make their “what to expect in 2014” prognostications, it’s evident that one of the most tumultuous issues – perhaps the most tumultuous – for the year ahead is […]

Jan 22,2014

The Beginning Of An End To Sanction-Driven Education?

Last week, the Obama administration took an important step for the well being of the nation’s youth – especially those who are of racial minorities – by issuing new guidelines that many hope will shut down […]

Jan 14,2014

A Pivotal Year For Education, What Now?

All the reviews of last year’s top education news stories are out and the consensus view is 2013 was a “pivotal year” for the nation’s education policy, to quote Texas superintendent John Kuhn. The pivot from […]

Jan 7,2014

The Education Story The Numbers Don’t Tell

As 2013 closed out, the education world was roiled by yet another controversy over the calculation and interpretation of statistical data used to govern teachers and school services. This controversy, coming to us from the nation’s […]

Dec 24,2013

New Regulations Needed To Rein In For-Profit Colleges

The good news coming from the U.S. Department of Education recently is the effort to put tougher restrictions on for-profit scam colleges that rip off students, families, and the taxpayers. The bad news is that not […]

Dec 17,2013

Day Of Action Reveals Widespread Anger With Current Education Policies

“We have to fight for our children’s education.” Those words, from Philadelphia parent Kia Hinton, crystalized a national sentiment expressed during a Day of Action to Reclaim the Promise of Public Education held on December 9 […]

Dec 11,2013

Time To Change The Way We Ensure Quality Teachers

This week’s media extravaganza over the latest results from the Program for International Student Assessment, or PISA, were the latest distraction from what really matters for the nation’s education policy. As Valerie Strauss put it on […]

Dec 4,2013

Dec. 9 Declared Day Of Action To Reclaim The Promise Of Public Education

“Public education is under attack,” comes the warning from Philadelphia in a riveting new video from community and youth organizers in that city. Their accusations are that education policies are “an attack on poor children” … […]

Nov 26,2013

Will Political Centrists Go Outside Their Comfort Zones To Expand Pre-K Access?

Building on President Obama’s “Preschool for All Initiative” proposed earlier this year – that would dramatically expand access to prekindergarten programs for 4-year olds – Democratic leaders in both chambers last week introduced the “Strong Start […]

Nov 19,2013