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Dec. 9 Declared Day Of Action To Reclaim The Promise Of Public Education

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“Public education is under attack,” comes the warning from Philadelphia in a riveting new video from community and youth organizers in that city. Their accusations are that education policies are “an attack on poor children” … […]

Will Political Centrists Go Outside Their Comfort Zones To Expand Pre-K Access?

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Building on President Obama’s “Preschool for All Initiative” proposed earlier this year – that would dramatically expand access to prekindergarten programs for 4-year olds – Democratic leaders in both chambers last week introduced the “Strong Start […]

Sorry Nicholas Kristof, Still No Proof School Reform Helps

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It’s hard to know whether to laugh or cry when an “All-Purpose-Pundit” at The New York Times takes it upon him/herself to write a commentary about education. “Thomas Friedman is infamous for his uninformed pieces on […]

What Chris Christie Is Hiding Behind His Rage At School Teachers

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“I’m tired of you people. What do you want?” Those were the words New Jersey Governor Chris Christie used to respond to one of his constituents, a taxpayer, and a public servant of the state, who […]

The Education Reform Conversation We Need Vs. The One We Have

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This past week, two videos captured just about everything you need to know about the status of the movement known as “education reform.” The first filmic event was a staged encounter between two prominent advocates for […]

The Empty Harvest From Michelle Rhee

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T.S. Eliot had it wrong. October is the cruelest month. Far crueler than Spring’s “lilacs out of a dead land” Eliot wrote about in “The Waste Land” is a harvest season of failed crops. All that […]

Will Education Reform Kill The Common Core?

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The latest news stories from the brave frontiers of a movement known as “education reform” are in, and the consensus view is that down continues to be the new up. Personnel programs such as teacher merit […]

A Force For Real Education Reform Emerges

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Education “reform” wasn’t supposed to turn out like this. In an ironic coda to the No Child Left Behind era last week, Texas officially turned its back on George W. Bush’s policy triumph by opting out […]

Test Obsession Is Killing Education

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Scores on the SAT – “the nation’s most widely used” college entrance exam – made news headlines recently, and the averages are either a “call to action,” a sign of progress, or “meaningless.” Confused? You should […]

Dear NBC Education Nation, Lloyd Blankfein Is Not An ‘Education Expert’

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One of the most popular shows on TV currently centers on a high school chemistry teacher whose cancer diagnosis and lack of adequate health insurance vault him into a life of crime in the drug trade. […]